ATTN: Kimber Select Owners

I own a pair of Kimber Select 3033 speaker cables and was wondering about something after visiting the Kimber website. Are there any cosmetic differences between the 3033 and the 3035 cables? From what I can see if the pictures on the Kimber website, the 3033 and the 3035 like identicle. I am asking because I am looking to upgrade to the 3035 in the future and have never seen a pair. Thanks.
They say 3035 on the barrel.
MY Kimber 3033's had a lighter colored mesh on the outside of the cable (different than the website) vs. my 3035's which were dark gray & similar to what is on the website. With the 3033's you can see the copper colored wires under the mesh - 3035's you can see copper and silver colored wires under the mesh.

The 3035's are far superior to the 3033's. Much more organic sounding. Its a good upgrade!

Kimber Select:

3033 all copper
3035 copper and silver
3038 all silver

Enjoy the upgrade.
Thank you for the info. I've never noticed a model number on the barrel. I've never removed the protective wrapping from the barrels of my 3033's. Thanks again. Zach
Just out of curiosity, has anyone done a A-B, with the Kimber 3035 and the Nordost SPM?
Stick with the KS-3035. It is a fantastic speaker wire.
How do the selects sound versus kcag or kctg? anyone done a direct comparison?