Attn. Gryphon Owners

A fellow Audiogoner pointed me to the Gryphon line of products. I was going to purchase Mark Levinson(ML) 33H power amp to mach with my ML No.32 reference preamp but this friend (now) told me to look into the Gryphon. So I did and I end up buying their top of the line preamp the Sonata Allegro along with a pair of Antileon Solo monos. I yet to receive them but I can't wait. I wanted to hear from the owners of such gear and know their experince.
I own both systems.....I plead the fifth.....

Anthony, that is not fair, you're teasing me now. you're the dealer for Gryphon but your system is all ML. I take it you like the ML better, or you owned the ML gear before you became a Gryphon dealer? ok may be a comparison between the sonic signature of both of them would be in order. your thoughts are much appreciated.
I am the owner of sonata allegro and antileon signature.
The search is over when I paired them with my Wilson system7.
Well, I finally got them and at first I was not impressed, but after a while things started to get better. I think they will conteniue to improve. Amps for sure need at least one half hour to worm up and start to operate the way they should. I am still playing with the placments and cables but I think that my seartch is over. I am now selling my Mark Levinson No.32 preamp.