Attenuater Autonomy?

I received a new amp lately (Krell KSA-150), and have it hooked up to my pre, which is a old school AV processor (Proceed PAV). Everything sounds find, but my normal listening volume is between 3-7. I believe that on this unit  I can lower the whole attenuated range of the output signal to the amp, requiring me to turn the pre volume higher and thus make the amp work 'a little harder' to bring the music to my listening range. 

So my questions are 1) by making the amp work 'a little harder' will the music sound any different? I'm guessing no. 2) By doing this, am I burdening my system in any way that may not make a sonic difference. I am also guessing know. 3) The real question is, by doing this will I be able to attenuate the volume in smaller audible steps? Sometimes, my ideal volume really would be between 1-2 for some albums.

The reason I am bothering you all instead of just trying this out for myself is that my pre requires a TV to display its many settings menus, and righteously do not own a TV. I am also righteously too lazy to borrow one from a friend, unless I know for sure that it will work. - Thanks.
For a given listening volume, the amp will see the same signal level at its input regardless of how the attenuation setting in the preamp is set. So the amp won’t be working any harder or easier if you change that setting in the preamp.

But yes, it’s quite possible, and perhaps even probable, that changing the preamp’s attenuation setting (assuming that is possible), such that you utilize its volume control in a higher part of its range, will result in finer resolution (smaller increments) in volume adjustments. It’s also possible that the preamp’s sonics would benefit from doing that, at least slightly, depending on the design of the volume control and attenuator mechanisms.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al

Your Proceed has a very nice low output impedance of 20ohm, and should be used direct into your KSA150, as I believe your doing, any added preamp between the Proceed and KSA150 will degrade the sound quality. 

I believe there is an input pre-set level control on your Proceed, this should be set so that the Master Volume is at 1/2 to 3/4 full for normal loud listening.

This will give you the best (lowest) noise figures, as your using the max output from your source and not attenuating too much just to make it up again with the gain stage of the Proceed

Cheers George


Sorry the last paragraph does not apply in this case

Cheers george

Thanks, Al and George.

Upon closer inspection of the manual, I think your are correct George. On the Proceed PAV, I can adjust the input signal from each source, not lower the attenuated range of output signal. AND, I might be able to do this without buying or borrowing a TV (or a s-video to HDMI converter to plug into my computer monitor).

I will report back when I can make these changes.