Attention Verity owners

Recently purchased Verity Parsifal Ovation speakers used here on Agon.

Do you have any recommendations for speaker cables for under $1K? Probably few of you use anything that inexpensive but just in case.

The more I listened to the Parsifals the more i started making excuses for how "not right" they sounded. I saw glimpses of greatness but the top to bottom sound was just way off of how speaker of anything close to this price range should sound.

I was using Purist Audio Musaeus's which I always thought sounded great with just about any speaker. It started occurring to me that maybe the speaker wire was also damaged in the power surge that took the rest of my system. Didn't seem likely, but it seemed less likely that the Parsifals could be so lacking.

So just to test I bought Audioquest Rocket 33's (the lowest in the rocket line). I figured they'd sound much worse until they broke in, but cold, brand new out of the box that sounded 1000% better than my Musaeus's. I could immediately hear what great speakers these really are even with unbroken in cheapish speaker cables. So clearly the Purist Audio's are toast.

Normally I'd be inclined to just buy new Purist Audio, but they might be too veiled for the capabilities of these great speakers.

Other equipment is Cary Audio SLP 98L, Cary Audio Cinema 5 200 WPC solid state Amp, and DAC TBD.

I prefer a warmer, musical, involving sound to ultra detailed/revealing. Any ideas?
I have been happy with Nordost Frey. I use the series one which can be found cheaper since they updated to the new Frey II's. One thing I will tell you about he parsifal. Positioning is everything. Even a fraction of an inch can change things. I would read the manual if you did not and closely follow their set up guide as a start. From what you describe as your sound preference the parsifal should be a perfect fit for you.
I would try some Auditorium 23. A bit of a dark horse, but Crimson cable is very well thought of. I have only tried their interconnects, and they were impressive for the money. I have a dealer who had success w/ Stereovox as well. I think the A23 will surprise you, just very right sounding. You have a great speaker, feed it well. Cheers -Don
Acoustic Zen Hologram II should fit your criteria; I've owned many, many SC and these are the best I've heard in multiple systems, amps and speaker configurations...
+1 on Auditorium-23!

I have Frey 2 speaker, interconnect and power mixed with Valhalla. Nordost QB 8 and QX 4, I think. Never get those letters right.

I love Luxman with Verity. I've heard 4 or 5 combinations that are amazing. Class A.

VAC and Verity is too good to be true. Another option before wire. The tube game isn't cheap for this speaker but will end the game for most.
Thanks for your suggestions. I just called Cable Company this morning and they're shipping some of the newest Cardas, Acoustic Zen and Wired for Sound speakers.

After I swap those out I'll try some of your recommendations. Oddly Steve at Cable Company said they've historically had the best results with the Parcifals with either Purist Audio (which I have and are fried) or Audioquest. Strange since they're at different ends of the spectrum sound wise.

He told me the Audioquest tend to be a bit hard in the treble and upper kids which is EXACTLY what I'm hearing with the AQ Rocket 33's. Uncanny since the difference between cables are only psychological according to many
Have had great success using Purist Venustas cables with the Ovations. I like the Purist sound so much that I switched all my interconnects to Venustas or older Purist ic's.
Actually Cable Company said Purist Audio and AQ were the most successful sellers with the Parsifals. I was using all PA Museaus's (speaker and IC) and it didn't sound bad but a bit dark losing some of the nice treble sparkle from the Verity's.