Attention to anyone on Texas Gulf Coast

Pay attention to the NEWS like you never did before. Rita is on her way, and it looks like she is heading toward coast of Texas. It is going to be a MAJOR Hurricane. Don't take it lightly. Evacuate if asked to. We, here on Mississippi Gulf Coast went, and still are going through horrors! Our towns are flattend, many many deaths and landscape is changed forever along with our lives. Be prepared. If staying, make sure have a lot of drinking water, for at least a week. Non-perishable food, plenty of candles and it would be great if you can get a generator. Chainsaw will be handy afterward. Make sure to have a plenty of gas, in the car(s) and reserve. Wish you luck!
Dragan, your old pal here certainly hopes that you and your family survived unscathed the horrors which Katrina brought. And, if you need any place to rest up a bit, so long as you don't mind the cold weather on the horizon, you are certainly welcome here!
I live in Houston and have made hotel reservations in Arlington (Dallas area), in case it looks like a Cat. 3+/close hit to Houston. I must say, after the recent debacle in New Orleans, most folks I know here take this one very seriously.
Good luck guys. Any believers in global warning, yet?
The temperature of Earth's atmosphere has always fluctuated throughout history and it will continue to do so after we are long gone. Don't get sucked into the hype of global warming!
Global warming is BS. Given that the earth is 4.5 billion years old (an assumption by the majority of scientists) it would take far far more than 100 years of record keeping to state with any certainty that global warming is in fact what the tree huggers claim it is. What we really need is fewer New York Times subscribers.
Yes,good luck men.....and the global warming thing is a main consideration of many of the humans on earth.Is it because we think like humans in terms of time/trends/years and not like planets and associated weather patterns who think in millions of years?How bold we are,so advanced to discuss theories[SP] known only to rocks,dirt and some rolling stones....just kidding as I am too young just now,Bob
I think anyone within a hurricane landfall target is well advised to take shelter. Having lived in Virginia Beach for most of my formative years, I've witnessed hurricane damage firsthand- but never above Category 2.

May God bless you and everyone impacted by Katrina.

As to Swampwalker's comment, well as horrible as recent hurricanes have been, this is probably part of a naturally recurring cycle. Peak hurricane occurence, categories 3-5, actually cycles every few decades. While terrible, recent events fall within expected models (unfortunately).

Not saying the Earth's not been warming...that's also a recurring cycle that can be traced back thousands of years. Recently, the Earth's been warming since the end of the last "mini-ice age" in the 1800's.

Is it making hurricanes more frequent? Probably not.

Are we making warming more pronounced through our behavior?. Probably so.
Global warming Swampwalker? Check out the article in the Financial Times and the Investors Business Daily recently that state global warming is not causing these hurricanes. In fact, Stanley Goldenberg, a meteorologist at National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration said: "I speak for many hurrican climate researchers in saying such claims of global warming causing this are nonsense. Katrina is part of a well-documented, multi-decadal scale fluctuation in hurrican activity." This cycle was described in a heavily cited article printed in Science magazine in 2001. In that article is a table clearly showing the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's had many more category three, four, and five hurricanes than we have seen in recent decades. Was that global warming too? Remember, in 1975 the consensus in the environmental universe predicted we were moving into another ice age! May I suggest you read the "Skeptical Environmentalist" by Borg Lomborg? Lomborg's book debunks many theories flying around by the anti growth, anti progress, environmental media.
Even if no one believes in Global Warming, pretend you do and make the politicians adopt stricter emissions and cleaner air laws. I have scientific evidence that clean air actually allows even inexpensive stereo equipment sound like "price is no object" tube equipment. Jim
During the time of crisis & change in medieval Europe C.1400 the climate of the world changed dramatically within a very short window of time. Scientists are comparing this earths natural climate processes to that of today’s rising temperature through several studies, one being tree ring analysis.
Purist Audio is located only 20 minutes from the ocean in South Texas.

I got an email from them a few minutes ago stating part of the family was headed to Dallas.

Houston was ruled out because it may be in trouble too and hotels in all smaller cities were already filled due to Katrina and Texans who heeded early warning and already evacuated.
you guys who debunk global warming must be gangbuster executives & investors!

there's a principle in life / business / markets called "risk". let's review:

Option A) lets think for a moment if global warming isn't real. ---no different than what we've known. we're OK!

Option B) now lets think for a moment that it is real (as no one knows for sure!): ---we're not screwed, but your children are, and your children's children will hate you for the world they inherit.

so, given that option B is a possibility (and if you refuse to acknowledge it, then your dogmatic and closed-minded and anti-intellectual, so please don't bother me), then you as a rational party should attempt to mitigate that risk.

burying your head in the sand and denying the possibility of Option B is not mitigating risk. its courting it. and if you're ok about courting risk, do feel free to let your homeowners' insurance and life insurance lapse, as statistically speaking there's virtually no chance that you'll be a victim of such adverse circumstances.

The fact that climate has changed on its own in the past does not refute claims that recent climate change is human-induced.

There are better arguments to be made against the claim that humans are the cause of global warming.

I am not yet convinced either way.
Joe, I appreciate your offer! My house didn;t suffer as much damage. But I lost my job. In some ways I wish it was other way around. Maybe is time to relocate, but without any trade and experiance (except in casino industry) my prospects are gloomy. At least that's how I feel right now! Thanks again!

Viva Las Vegas!

My condolences,sincerely, for the loss of your job. I hope all works out well for you.