Attention Squeezebox Touch & Pandora users

I have this odd issue with my SBT when using Pandora. Some tracks cut off in the middle, especially longer tracks, and very often, it freezes at the end of a track, and indicates that it is rebuffering on top of the screen. This sits at 0% until I toggle back to the menu and restart the station, or skip to the next track. Since I use Pandora for backround, this is very annoying. Logitech tried to help me, but all of their tech guys assume I am using the Squeezeplayer for Pandora. Because I use my SBT with a Vortexbox Appliance (a music server), I cannot switch to the Squeezeplayer (or Squeezeserver, I forget) without really messing up everything. I have none of these issues with my server or internet radio. Any thoughts?
Hmmm. I use my squeezebox with a Vortex Appliance, and have the problem you describe with MOG but not with Pandora. I've found that I can switch to the squeezeplayer/server/ without really messing up anything.

Sometimes it's a bit of a mystery to me. I get these annoying re-buffers and stops, change some settings, and everything is great. Until it happens again.

Clearly, I offer compassion more than solution. :-)
Now that I think about it, I've had this problem with my Touch as well, but it's been with MOG. I don't use Pandora that much.

Although I do sometimes get the problem of the song stopping in the middle, what I usually get is when the song ends, it just sits there and doesn't go to the next song on the play list.

I have no idea what causes it, although I've always considered the SBT to be a bit buggy. That's why I use a Sonos for background music and parties.

Rebooting the SBT usually fixes any problems that I'm having.

What version of the firmware are you running? I know that there is a newer version than the one that I'm running, but I can't upgrade because I'm running the server software on a Synology Diskstation and the newest version isn't compatible with the server software.
Bondmap read this thread it should have the answers you are looking for......
Cymbop you should also read my linked thread it should help your problem also. I think.
Jond - I don't think the solutions at that linked thread will help. I do not have any streaming issues with internet radio or my server. But, I may try one of those adapters that sends the router signal through the house wiring.

Cymbop - When I contacted Logitech for help with this issue, they had me download, install, and use It totally messed up everything, and the folks at the Vortexbox forum told me never to use I uninstalled it, rebooted, and everything except Pandora has been glitch-free ever since.

Tonyangel: I am using the most recent version of squeezebox software that the Vortexbox allows. I have been told to stick with this, since the Vortexbox folks maintain their software to work with squeezebox products, but Logitech does not test their software with vorterxbox. And, yes, the most common issue I have is freezing at the end of a Pandora track, too.

Obviously, I am no techie. But I will keep trying to figure this out and keep you posted.