Attention: SONY SCD1 owners

For $5000 you'd think Sony could throw in a little better owners manual. Some questions as a result... Is the center foot adjustable or is it supposed to hover uselessly and serve no purpose as far as I can tell? On cd's do the digital filters work when using the digital output? When switching filters it seems the only time play is momentarily interupted(as stated in the manual)is when using the analog outputs. Any help will be appreciated.
I have the Sony SCD 777ES, it doesn't have a center foot so I can't say about that, but the digital filters have no effect if you are using you machine as a transport, they are only effective with the analog ouput.
I use the center foot and the rear two for my cone locations, the center one seams to help focus. I have no idea if that's a good or bad idea, and I never looked to see if it touched. Sorry, I own the same poorly written manual.