Attention REL enthusiasts-running stereo REL subs

Just wondering what you folks think...

I'm running stereo subs in conjunction with my Tyler Acoustics Taylo monitors. I'm using 2 REL Q150E's.

I've been using the speakon neutrik (whatever that things called) connection. But I was wondering if there would be any benifit of utilizing the additional "outs" on my preamp (Adcon GFP-750)and running an rca cable to each sub???

I use a 1/8" stereo cable to my Q105s from the second line output on my McIntosh C-15. I use this sub with a single Synaco ST-35 amp i have stored and upgraded. The St drives a pair of Sonus Faber Concertos. The vintage speaker taps on the ST-35 won't allow the neutrik cable very well, so i just went with the jack input. no difference to my ears. Love this little sub. Have a REL Stadium III for the HT system and SACD multichannel system.