Attention Manufacturers: What I want is a TINY HT processor!

As a terminal apartment dweller, one thing that really bugs me is that no matter what year it is, HT processors and receivers remain HUGE.

I want one that is tiny. Specifically, I'd like them to be shorter.  There's more than one HT processor I've seen that has insides made of air. Why is it so damn deep and hard to fit into a shelf?

Also, I don't want more than 5.1. Where am I going to put them?
End of rant.
The Classe Sigma SSP processor is small compact and short and sounds really good for stereo music. It doesn't take up much space at all. This is probably one of the smallest HT processor I've ever seen and it is only 7.1 channel processor. And the back panel of the Sigma SSP looks more like a stereo preamp than a HT processor. Has limited and much fewer connections than all other HT processors. 
I really really need to go listen to it.

You should listen to the Classe Sigma SSP if 2ch is important to you while wanting to get a very good multi-channel performances as well. And it is compact in size. 

@caphill - I think I will. If I don't blow my budget on a new headphone amp and cans. :)
From time to time the earlier or first version of the Classe Sigma SSP can be found in used markets for less than $3k used or perhaps around $2500 ish used. This is the first early version of the Sigma SSP which did retail for $5k, and this model has been replaced by the Sigma SSP Mk2, which retails for $6k new. The Mk2 version supports the latest formats eg Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, 4K pass through. The first or earlier version of the Sigma SSP does not support Dolby Atmos, 4K, etc. Otherwise they are identical. Look for the early version that does not support the latest formats which can be had for around $2500 ish used, it’s a complete bargain.

Hi Erik

Does it need to be a HEA brand or are the newer mass brands ok for you?

BTW I have been enjoying your posts and threads as of late. I believe your doing the hobby a great service by sharing your thoughts on newer technologies.


Thanks for the kind words, Michael,

It does not have to be HEA, but it has to be good. I've tried going with Onkyo and Emotiva, and compared to my then 6 year old Casanova, they sucked. I mean, really really thin.

I'm having cognitive dissonance between the speakers I have and equipment I have in boxes vs. my living room space.

Right now I've got the Mytek running as the pre. Inputs from TV via optical S/PDIF and music via USB which goes to my two monoblocks.

In boxes I have:
  • Oppo 103
  • Parasound P7
  • 3 Monoblock Class D amps
From a space/aesthetic perspective I'd love to have 1 receiver. If I can't have that, a decent processor which at least doesn't cloud the Brooklyn or has built in DAC's as good as the Brooklyn.

So I'm kind of stuck.

I'm thinking of selling off the P7 and Brooklyn to fund this, but I don't want to downgrade by accident as music is one of my most important joys.

Hi Erik

About 5 or so years ago I stumbled across the Sherwood RX-4105 receiver and was amazed at how well it tuned. With a few very simple tweaks it beat up on some serious big buck amps, or at least equaled. Since that time I've been thinking about tuning one of their AV units. I've been looking at the R-507.

I think there are some super low mass and small receivers that have got to be in thinking camps of some of the more mass production companies. I also think the new breed of audiophiles are going to be all over that market. We will see. In the meantime I'm going to check out one of these units from Sherwood to see if the same sound can be had in their simple 5.1 designs.

It's exciting to watch the new designs make their way into high ends territory. Takes a little mental adjustment for many, but it was always a matter of time.


Yep, they are nice looking. I got burned with an Emotiva. Not going down that path again. :)