Attention Lowther owners DX3 vs. DX4

I have recently inserted a pair of new DX3's into my Lamhorn cabinets and as they breakin I am surprised how much I like them. I was prepared for all the nasties (lowther shout, lack of bass ect) but it has me thinking what the DX4 might bring to the table. My Lamhorns came with AER Mk3's which sound incredible and very smooth and have better bass than DX3's. I love both drivers, the lowthers are more dynamic.

Question what sonically is the difference between the DX3 & DX4's? Thanks in advance for any input.
Hello Bob,
I currently use DX4s in my Beauhorn Virtuoso cabinets. I have no comparison experience between DX4's and DX3's. I suggest you contact Jon B Ver Halen @ Lowther USA 708 660 9312. I have spoken with him over the phone and he was most helpful.
My ( used , bought here ) Beauhorns came with DX4's 16 ohm. I found a new un-opened pair of DX4's 8 ohm @ a nice price which better matched my Wavelength 300B & 45 amps. Allow your DX3's to break-in.
What amplifiers are you using?
It would be very interesting to me to hear the AERs.
I agree with your assessment that the Lowthers are dynamic! I love them!
Tho, I have no experience to judge them against any other driver in similarity.
I will ad that the DX4's list @ $2295/pair USD

Thanks for your reply. I will contact Jon @ Lowther USA for his take. I was also looking for owners who have used both drivers. My amp is a yamamoto 2a3's tubes. BTW the AER's are just as pricy as the DX4's.
Hi Isochronism,
Tube amps seem to love higher impedance speaker loads.I`m surprise your amps match better with the 8 ohm load rather than the 16 ohm load.Is it that your amps are 8 ohm and don`t have a 16 ohm tap? just curious, which of your amps do you prefer with your speakers?I bet this system sounds really fine.
Both amplifiers have 8 ohm fixed taps only. I probably prefer the 45s a bit more.
I usually switch from one pair to the other every couple of weeks.
I actually never tried the 16 ohm pair.
With the speakers rated at 106 db I get plenty of volume. My Doshi Pre has a slight bit of volume when the dual attenuaters are fully turned down. I have had the volume up fully a couple of times with the 45s on quieter music and there was no breakup at all.
It was pretty loud, tho!! I am in a small apartment.
Thanks Brett,
You have such high sensitive speakers, you need hardly any gain from your preamp for good volume levels.My speaker is a 14 ohm load and sounds better at my amp`s 16 ohm tap compared to the 8 ohm.Bet your amplifiers would also sound excellent and really sing with your 16 ohm drivers in play.That`d be a fun comparison between those two different drivers.
I purchased the Beauhorns before I had their chosen amplifiers, tho I knew what I wanted for them which was Wavelength. ( I was using my Heathkit SA-3 with 4,8,16 tap available) I found the Doshi before the amps. I then found the 45s. I was happy! The 300b amps came available shortly afterward and HAD to hear what they were about. Happy again.
I have a pair of JBL 4550 (which is the model # for the 2x15 bass cab.) along with matched and mounted HF fiber horn and driver, all original. I plan someday to bi-amp both pairs of amps when I move.
To sum up... that is why I hadn't tried the 16 0hm version, if that makes sense HA