Attention Lowther owners

Has anyone compared the DX4's to a PM2A, or PM5A? Sonic differences? Jon at Lowther America has already supplied me with has take but anyone else out there?
John knows more about this than just about anyone. Many like the "a" series and feel there is something special about the alnico magnet. The planned application also will have a lot to do with this (back loaded vs front horn, open baffle, etc) project and the overall success. Again, John seems to have a lot of insight and should steer you the right way. My experience is limited to pm6a compared to a fair number of fostex. I also suspect that if I had spent time consulting John up front my overall lowtger adventure would have gone better out of the gate... I do Want to step up to pm2a sometime, so post back once you decide. There are other people who can get these from, but I feel John is top notch, and will give the best information/ support. Enjoy
Hello Bob,
I am just curious as to which cabinets you are using.
Sorry that I can not help with your question as to any comparisons.
I am using DX4 in Beauhorn Virtuoso cabinets. Jon IS very helpful!
Hi Isochronism,

I am using the Lamhorn cabinets. The Lamhorn's came with AER Mk3 drivers and sound incredible which I still have and use. I am also using a Lowther DX3 which I am surprised how much I enjoy them. The Lamhorns produce an incredible bass with both the AER & lowthers. Who said Lowthers can't do bass.
I now recall your Lamhorns. I should have first read your other posts. Well, a good opportunity to say hello, again.
We are both getting similar great sound :)
Yes I bet your Beauhorns do sound great.
I bet about as nice as your Lamms'
I am also using a pair of 45's. So could you :)
My Beauhorns came with DX4 16 ohm version. My amps were not delivered yet. (they have only 8 ohm taps) I found a very good deal on a never used DX4 8 ohm pair, that was hard to resist and I did not want to lose. I spoke with Jon. He felt DX4 would be best for my cabinets over any other model. I now have an extra 16 ohm pair which I hadn't even tried with my amplifiers. Wavelength Cardinal Signature XS & Wavelength 45.