Attention Esoteric CD/SACD Players Owners

I have a Esoteric UX-3 Universal player that went for around 8,500.00. Presently I am using a MIT AVT 1 interconnect from the player to my preamp. I really love the sound of the system as is, but I am wondering if I am really hearing all the player has to offer by using a 200.00 cable on an 8,500.00 component. Other than using the Esoteric branded cables which are waaaay too expensive, what are other Esoteric owners using? Do I really need to spend a lot of money to get a good match, as I want to keep the price reasonable.
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Reasonable is a moving target. Price has little to no bearing at all once you get past the really cheap generic stuff.

Each and every system is different and so are your ears and taste.

It will be impossible to know without a lot of trial and error on your part.

I have had very good luck with Morrow Audio MA4 and Mac Mystic RCA and XLR interconnects.
I think the Audience AU24 cables are excellent for the money and will not bottleneck your system. There are several pairs up for sale now at very decent prices. Hook them up and forget about them.
I really like the sound with the MIT AVT1 cables. I tried 2 other sets of cables in the 200.00 range and still liked the MIT's best. I just wonder if I am reaping the full benefits of this player with the associated cable?
You are not reaping the full benefits of your player, though cables options are endless. I like Transparent Audio Super MM2 XLR. Used cost is reasonable and they hold their value very well. Or if you like the MIT look higher up their line.
I am using a pair of High Fidelity CT-1E on mine - great cable. They are new and catching on quickly. Very revealing of both micro and macro details, but musical at the same time. You can demo from Cable company. Not cheap, but an excellent value at their price point. They will definitely show off what your player is capable of.
Not a fan of cables with networks since they tend to blunt the sonics, IMO. You also need not spend large coin on cables either. You may have to try a few different cables to see if it will make an improvement.
I use Purist Audio Design and I like them a great deal.
If I could afford an Esoteric player, I'd still keep my Mapleshade ICs. Like others said, you need not spend a lot to get great sound.

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You have a $8500 CD player?? Why balk at spending an equally ridiculous amount on cables. You either buy in or you don't. Too late to use common sense now.
I replaced the MIT AVT1 cable with a Kimber Silver Streak which I bought used on the Gon. It has done exactly what I was hoping it would do and I am very happy..