Attention Deficit Disorder Audiophilia

While I don't believe in such a thing, my wife thinks I suffer from "ADD" and finds the symptons particularly pronounced when I 1) change tracks frequnetly 2) adjust volume, speaker positions etc. 3) listen to the same track or watch the same classic scene in a movie over and over again. Can anyone relate to this? She thinks I am nuts and annoying but I think I am simply very passionate and discerning and can't really relax and enjoy the music/movie unless it's really good and things are just right.
Joe: Welcome to the nut bin, your are the most recent appointed member. Keep wrenching.. oops listening
Wow! Doing that stuff is sheer heresy! ;) Medically, we call it audiophilia nervosa. heh heh!
Wife thinks you crazy huh? I had that before, but I always seemed to outlive 'em. First wife died eating poison mushrooms, beleive that s**t! Second wife died of a broken neck, wouldn't eat the mushrooms! Sorry, had to share this one that one of my patients gave me today! I've not married yet, and my girlfriend, when told of my new stereo purchases, still says nice things like "Do they make you happy?" Such a sweetheart!