Attention Deficit Disorder Audiophilia

While I don't believe in such a thing, my wife thinks I suffer from "ADD" and finds the symptons particularly pronounced when I 1) change tracks frequnetly 2) adjust volume, speaker positions etc. 3) listen to the same track or watch the same classic scene in a movie over and over again. Can anyone relate to this? She thinks I am nuts and annoying but I think I am simply very passionate and discerning and can't really relax and enjoy the music/movie unless it's really good and things are just right.
Joe: You are nuttier than a fruitcake. I think that I can safely speak for all of us in that none of us are capable of such obsessive behavior. You are one of a kind and your wife should treasure you dearly. LOL.
I agree with Dekay. At least i think i do. What was the question ? Sean >
I'm with these guys, damn, forgot their names. If the wife keeps berating you, trade her for a top notch turntable and get yourself a dog.
Joe: Welcome to the nut bin, your are the most recent appointed member. Keep wrenching.. oops listening
If there were just remote controls for wives, you could.....
Wow! Doing that stuff is sheer heresy! ;) Medically, we call it audiophilia nervosa. heh heh!
Has anyone seen my ritalin?
Wife thinks you crazy huh? I had that before, but I always seemed to outlive 'em. First wife died eating poison mushrooms, beleive that s**t! Second wife died of a broken neck, wouldn't eat the mushrooms! Sorry, had to share this one that one of my patients gave me today! I've not married yet, and my girlfriend, when told of my new stereo purchases, still says nice things like "Do they make you happy?" Such a sweetheart!
Joe.. If you're really serious about this post, what you may actually have is a mild form of OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I know what you describe, because I am diagnosed with this condition. In my case it was a bit depressing because I actually had to quit a $65K/year job as a software engineer because it got so damn bad. I was repeatedly rereading lines of "C" code to the point I couldn't concentrate on the algorithms and other minutae of programming that the job demanded. I am now on disability, and live at home, but the good thing that has came out of this is I can listen to my Genesis 200 speakers and ARC Reference 600 Monos when I feel like it :-) I am sure there's nothing wrong with you, and I am *somewhat* convinced that just about all audiophiles are obsessive-compulsive to a certain degree. Just enjoy the music and try not to be too analytical. May everyone have a safe and enjoyable new years eve! -Dave S.
I'm an aspiring clinical psychologist, so y'all just mention this site in a few years and get 20% off:) Seriously, I'm sorry to hear about your OCD, Dave. I know how profound its effects are. As for Joe, he probably is a bit neurotic like most audiophiles and the general population for that matter. All audiophiles (and thier SOs) could use a good shrink or two. Cuckoo to you!
Thanks for the kind sentiments Ohlala. Someday we'll figure out the very complex interaction of neurochemical synaptic mechanisms in the brain. Until then I'll just take my SSRI's and put some vinyl on my Simon Yorke Series 7. Take Care :-) -Dave S.
I think that all audiophiles have some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder. Who else but an obsessive person would spend the kind of money we do on gear or constantly try to tweak things. At times it sucks but in the end I feel its better. It helps push us to great accomplishments.
Garfish: you are too high tech prone, forget the RC for the wife a good'ol breaker will do!!! Or a nice set of wire cutters? OOPS here we go again trying to describe things under electronics jargon what a case, aren't we????
I forgot, Charlie nice recommendation on Lyle Lovett Thanks Garfish have gotten the Cowboy junkies 86-95 Studio, really like Margo┬┤s voice, what would your next suggestion be?
Sol322: Butting in for Garfish - order all of the CD's that you do not own from the Cowboy Junkies website. If you live in the US, they are in Canadian dollars and convert to less than $10.00 US per CD. I ordered the eight CD's that I did not have and they are all great. When I first received them I lined them up in order of release with the out takes last and had a good listen to how the band developed over time. I never tired of her voice or the band during that very long listening session and almost all of the songs are good recordings. Delivery only took six days from the date of my order. I usually purchase CD's used but did not feel like waiting on these after listening to the first two CD's that I did own, life is too short. I do not consider this to have been a compulsive purchase, just a wise one after listening to it all.