Attention: Basis Turntable owners


Just visited the site and saw the "calibrator base" for the 2001 and up models. Don't know what it'll do for the table, but if it's to be anything, it should help improve the performance of Basis tables.

Has anyone tried this "improvement"?

Hey George, that "calibrator base" looks very interesting, I wish I had one to tell you about it. I also notice they now have a VTA micrometer that also looks very interesting. Do you know when this became available? I purchased my Vector TA five months ago, but was never informed about either.
Hi Gslone,

These tweaks became available only recently. I have the 2000. If I upgrade to the "calibrator base," I would need to first move up to the 2001, then do the base. Could be a costly move, unless I go with the base for now. I'll wait until everything settles down, then I'll decide which way to go.

. Hey George, thanks for the info. I also have the 2000, it came from Galen Carol Audio with the Rega RB 600 arm which I was very happy with, but I just had to have the Vector arm. The Vector crushed the Rega. Anyway, unless you're totaly happy with the RS Laboratory arm, have you thought about upgrading it first? BTW, incase you're curious like most of us George's are, my system consist of: Benz Micro ACE, CJ EV-1 phono pre, Threshold T3i pre amp, T-100 and T-200 power amps, ML Aerius i speakers, TARA LABS Reference, Master, and Decade cables. CDs are played back withTheta Jade transport through Threshold DAC-2. Digital cable is Illuminati Orchid. Marantz DR-17 CD recorder........Regards George
Hi George,
You have a nice system. Your next upgrade should be the pod (feet) for your 2000. Have you considered this upgrade?

No, I haven't thought about the Vector arm, although I've heard a lot of good things about it. Sometimes when you start upgrading, it becomes quite hard to stop. I have reached that point where only the most noticeable changes would make me do it. If it's just marginally better, I'll hold off.

I'm very curious about the base, though.

Hey George, when I got my 2000 I told myself I was'nt going to upgrade the pods or the arm, but with these new tweaks available, there's a possibility in December... maybe. To be brief, the difference between the Vector and Rega was extremely noticeable in every audiophile terminology of sound discription way. Also with the Vector, certain notes on a stringbass or cello made the floor vibrate under my feet. That never happened with the Rega...... Thanks, George.