Attention Audio Veterans

Need to know who made a linear tracking turntable circa 1980. I'm thinking Phase Linear but not sure (not Rabco). Thanks...
I remember that Bang & Olufsen, Mitsubishi, Sony and Yamaha made one at one time in the late 70's. I am sorry but I do not recall the exact model numbers.
harmon-kardon made one w/the rabco arm... also, mapleknoll made an *excellent* linear-tracking 'table. doug
I owned a Harmon-Kardon (Rabco) ST-7 for a number of years. Also, Rabco made the ST-8 arm that could have been fitted to any number of turntables at the time. Revox made two different units as well, but I don't remember the model numbers (old age)!
Revox made B791 & B795 linear arm turntables around that era. I still have my 795, but I am considering upgrading (hint).
Thanks for the responses! I don't believe I've found what I'm looking for, however. The turntable package I thinking of was very sleek and futuristic looking. I think it was branded under two different names. Thanks again.
The Bang & Olufsun is the only thing I can think of that would fit your criteria. I have never seen anything else quite like it. All of the other linear tracking tables I have seen look more like industrial grade products.
ya, joe b is right - yer tinkin' about the b&o. the maplenoll is the only one worth listening to, tho - imho. there's currently one being auctioned on ebay - *someone* will get themselves a *really* nice 'table. doug
The turntable you are thinking of is the Phase Linear 8000. I used to own one before buying my VPI. It was a very large, but sleek looking turntable. The dustcover had a low sloping look to it. I sold mine to a friend. I think he still has it.
The Mitsubishi LT-5V (?) was a somewhat "futuristic" linear tracking turntable that stood up vertically. I think the same design may have been marketed under a different brand. At the same time, Mitsubishi also sold a slightly beefier version with faux mahogony base. It did not stand up, however. Could this be what you are trying to remember?
...this was definitely 1980-1981. It was my junior and senior year in high school and I worked part time and summers as an audio dealer and carried the line.....all "veteran" trivia questions welcomed!!
Yes I owned the Pioneer linear track (also sold by PL) which was a silver thin design. Very sexy but had rumble problems like many direct drive designs. Sold it in about 1982 for a Sota Star