Attention all Melos owners

I was looking to see if anyone out there may be interested in an online group for Melos owners or if there is one existing that I am unaware of. I am noticing the information floating on line is dated and I am sure there are still owners out there. Mods, parts, stories, technicians whatever. If you are interested drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

Ok guys, heres the poop!!
I received an email from Mark Porzilli. He is in the process of getting a site set up for Melos products. He is currently getting a mailing list together. He advised me that they will be opening Melos this year if all goes as planned. His current project and information can be viewed at;

To get on the mailing list you can email Mark at;
I'm interested... email sent
I am interested, send any and all information.
I have a melos gk1+1 and 2 90st amplifiers in working condition. Schematics too. If any one needs info on these pieces I may be of assistance. Regards John
Definitely interested, received the same e-mail from Mark Porzilli. Anyone know the status of his site as of yet?
I am glad to see Melos opening again.
Interested! Please keep me posted.
I'm interested!

Really interested. Pls keep me post.
Also interested. Please keep me posted as well.
Also have some Melos 400 amp face plates if anyone is interested.
Hey -Hey!

I would LOVE to get ANY info esp. a schematic, on the GK1+1 pre-amp!

Count me in!

I need schematics for the Melos GK1+1

Regards Craigtube
On Audiokarma
I would like to join if the group is still alive.

I have a Melos gold 200 and a pair of Melos 400.

The Melos 400's needs to be repaired.

Anyone out there with schematics for the 400?