Attachments for a Nad M51? New to Digital.

I'm new to digital audio and I'm thinking of getting a Nad M51. I don't think I will have any need for a DSD. Most of my music is on CD. No hi rev downloads on my computer yet. Just a couple SACD's. Will have the DAC attached to a Sony CDP 5400ES (as a transport) and my satellite television (DTV).Will I need a re-locker, or any converters? Would I benefit from using a Ifi iusb or another device that cleans the USB connection? I'm reading this stuff on Audiogon and it's only getting me more confused. My Satellite receiver has every kind of digital output connections (USB, coaxial, HDMI) Which would be the best to use? Thanks for reading.
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Probably the HDMI on both units. The NAD is unique in that it can take convert the SACD thru the HDMI input with excellent results. You can play CDs, DVDA, and SACD. I believe there are two HDMI inputs as well, so you can use the other for your satellite TV.
Wait until you have had the M51 in house for a while then determine your need for an USB/SPDIF converter and/or re-clocker for the transport.
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