Attaching speaker wire directly to crossover?

Recently, a seller on this forum was advertising a pair of Green Mountain EOS HDs that had been modified by attaching Marigo Labs speaker wire directly to the crossover - a $2200 upgrade, the seller said, noting that the Marigo Labs wiring is what gives that model its "HD" designation.

At any rate, I'm just wondering generally about the practice of attaching speaker wire directly to the crossover. Seems like an interesting idea, wondering what kind of benefits and drawbacks it might have sound-wise, and why we don't see this done more often?
I built my own speakers last year and hard wired the speaker wires directly into the crossover board inputs. I find that there is a bit less distortion and noise than if the signal passes through three sets of soldered connections. Think about terminate speaker cables with soldered spade lugs...then it hooks to speaker terminals that are soldered to wire that leads to the crossover...finally those wires are then soldered to the pc board containing the crossover. Additionally, the output wires are soldered to the outputs on the crossover and then soldered to the drivers themselves. That's a lot of solder folks!
The obvious reason why this doesn't get done is that people buy convenience. Binding posts are convenient, especially for trying different speaker cables.

I find it is the resistance of the binding posts that cause the loss. The easiest thing to do if you can is to bring the wire from the back side of the binding post out to the front. Then you can pinch the speaker cable spade and the end of the wire together with the binding post. The same thing can be done to the amp end. Be careful there!

$2200?!?! That seems ridiculous but I confess I don't know what had to be done to get that to work on those speakers.
That is undoubtably the best approach but a little hair shirt even for an audio nut like me. A good intermediate step is to look at the quality of the posts, internal wiring and connectors being used and replace them if necessary. I have been upgrading my Spendor S 100s. I had the internal wiring changed, used better connectors to the bass and mid and am changing the posts. The posts fasten directly to the crossover so I couldn't use the ones I had on hand, they were too big to go through the hole in the circuit board. In most speakers the posts are easy to change and will often make a considerable improvement. Wire does also, I was going to use all Cardas but they shipped me the wrong quantity for the tweeter so I substituted solid silver on it. Result is very detailed but a little too bright.
If you are really dedicated hard wire is always the way to go but lesser steps will get better sound , removing the crossover from the speaker inclosure will also help but all of these will alter the sound in ways that are difficult to predict. See my experience above.
Changing out the binding posts from an inexpensive factory stock to a decent quality set such as Superior Electric's, Vampire's, etc...can make a world of improvement. I personally would not consider wiring directly unless the spks were very, very inexpensive. Bill
Hey all - a belated thanks for these responses. I guess it's an interesting idea if you've already vetted how a given wire sounds when connecting a given amp and speakers, although I do wonder whether connecting the wire directly to the crossover wouldn't be a significant additional factor to consider that could end up changing your choice of wiring!

Dan ed - I'm guessing the upgrade on those GMA's was $2200 because it included the price of the wires themselves.