Attaching a power bar to my power conditioner

Does this make sense sonically

I have a blue circle MR 1200 power conditoner that I currently have my power amp plugged into it
I would like to plug the amp directly into the wall but I've run out of outlets
Should I consider a power bar and plug it into my PLC
Or look at upgrading my PLC to one that will not restrict the dynamics
FWIW My digital sounds great plugged into the MR 1200
A couple of questions first (just trying to visualize your situation):

You have a single duplex (two receptacles) wall outlet?

Is is on a dedicated (or otherwise 'unused' circuit)? 15 or 20 amps?

How many devices (including your amp, but not counting your PLC) are we talking about?

How many outlets on your PLC? Are any of the PLC outlets digitally filtered? (Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with the MR 2000)

And, lastly, with respect to "not restricting the dynamics", what kind of amp are you using (and what is it's power rating) and what is the total capacity (watts) of the MR 2000?

If you could just answer these questions, it would make it a lot easier for someone to target any advice they might offer you.
Sorry I guess I didn't give you enough details
I will try to answer your questions above in sequence

Yes it is a single duplex to the wall unit
I have the conditioner powered into the wall as well as the seperate power supply for my pre amp (i've tried plugging this directly into the wall and it sounded very bright)

I don't have dedicated lines 15 amps regular circuit
I have my Cdp and amp plugged into the PLC
There are 2 digitally filtered outlets 2 analog outlets and one amp outlet on the blue Circle

The amp is an 80 watt hybrid from Blue Circle bc 24
The blue circle conditioner capacity is 1200 watts
I am pondering a new amp upgrade and this amp will have 225 watts this could change things

Good show!

I think your MR 2000 should be sufficient for your whole system, even if you go to a bigger amp. Use it as indicated.

Meaning, plug the CDP into one of the digitally filtered oulets (the other one can be used just fine for an analog device -- try your preamp PS on that one, it could benefit from some digital noise filtering)

Plug the amp into the amp outlet on the PLS.

If you have noise or hum on the system after connecting it this way, try lifting the AC plug grounds (using cheater plugs) of all components but the preamp. Do the amp first, then (only if necessary) the CDP. Keep the PLC grounded of course.

It's nice to be able to plug a power amp right into the wall, if it can be on its own circuit, etc. But in your (electrical) situation, I'd advise you to run everything through the PLC. It has plenty of capacity for your equipment requirements not to be restricting dynamics. If you feel dynamics are being restricted by the amp being run thru the PLC, it's easy enough to find out by plugging the amp into the unused receptacle (still with the ground pin lifted.)