ATT / ST Optical Cable?????

Does anyone know of any aftermarket ATT ( using ST connector)optical cables designed specifically for audio? I am having a hard time finding one. Everything that I have seen online or on Ebay are ST cables for data transfer used in the computer industry. Currently I am using one of those between my transport and DAC. I haven't noticed anything particularily wrong with the sound when using this hookup, but I believe there must be something better than what I am using. I would think that there would be more audiophile companies making ATT cables, considering what a huge market cables are today.
Yes, Aural Symphonics has what you are asking for. They are the best of the best. I have the Optimism and love it. Wadia has one that the used in there transports that is very good also. Contact me I have a few extra st/st cables I might sell. Hope this helps.
Every ATT cable I tried sounded different. In the end I found I had to buy an audiophile one, maybe terminated better, or perhaps they spent the time finding out what cable sounded better? Don't know, but the Audioquest Optilink Pro sounded fast sweet and very balanced - and murdered any coaxial cable between my Theta Universal and Theta DAC Pre.

I believe I have the Optilink Pro somewhere, but it was the Pro 1, not the better Pro 2, or as good as the Aural Symphonics is reputed to be.
XLO TYPE 7 AT&T glass optical cables are better sounding than Wadia glass cables but no longer in production care to purchase a couple? Have 2 available
Tara labs also makes a beautiful ST glass cable for audio. It's been used in my system for a couple years and surpasses every other option I've tried.

It is available if you would like to purchase it ($225).

Thanks for the replies. I guess I will try one out to see for myself. In the mean time, does anyone else have any other recommendations/offers? I am seriously looking into buying one in the near future.
Aural symphonics Optimism

If you purchase A.S. Optimism used, it will nullify the warranty. The best pricing I have found is Darrin Oneill @ Audio Limits Optimism v2 has an improved coupling and if you wish to call A.S., they will answer any question you may have 602-550-3401.
here is a very good one that I use: