Atomic clock m10

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Question for all you Esoteric owners...
Does anyone know if the K-01X does , in fact, accept the ANTELOPE [or others] MD-10 Atomic clock?

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From Esoteric Japan product page found at;

10Mhz (like all preceding) Esoteric devices is accepted.

In short, any true 10Mhz clocking frequency is supported; there was a member here who has used an atomic clock but I do not remember his name right now...check out past threads.
I've had excellent results with K-01X and an SRS Performance 10. SRS OEMs the same rubidium core to Estoteric for the G-01. However, you need a good 12Vdc linear power supply to bring out the best in the PERF-10.
Dgarretson,...thank you! I was not aware of this and am looking at it now. You mention you need a good 12 Vdc power supply,...did you try the 115 volt AC US input? What were the differences?
SRS PERF-10 with the integrated 115V switching supply makes a noticeable improvement over stock K-01X in resolution, texture and timbre, reduced digital smearing, LF and mid-bass articulation, ambient space and depth cues. It moves everything in the right direction, as compared to the more subjective and subtle differences between the various up-sampling and filter options on the player.

Adding a 12Vdc Paul Hynes linear PS moved all of the above up a notch. However Paul has long lead times and his communications can be hit or miss. The Uptone PS is also well regarded and there are doubtless other good ones out there.

When thinking about 10 mHz alternatives to G-01, consider that you need a 75 ohm interface. The most common and less expensive lab versions have 50 ohm interfaces.

SRS claims to have low phase noise relative to others. I suspect that's why Esoteric chose to source it from them. Other than clock accuracy (which for all rubidium clocks is by definition excellent) low phase noise is probably the critical determinant of performance. Improvement to PS may affect this.

Personally I couldn't justify the cost difference between PERF-10 and G-01. The only thing the G-01 has over the others is its 22 mhz oven-controlled master clock that is slaved to the 10 MHz rubidium clock when a 22 MHz clock link is selected. This off-loads the 22 mhz master clock in the K-01. There may be a difference between 10 and 22 clocking. However I was told by Esoteric tech support that the Japanese that designed the -X series prefer the 10 MHz clock link. That recommendation was sufficient for me to proceed with a PERF-10.

Hope this helps.
Thank you very much...I would definitely go the 75ohm route and have before with a G-0s and G-03x so it would go with the SRS, Antelope or other pure 10Mhz Atomic Master clock. One other thing missing from the SRS and all other 10Mhz offerings that I've looked at is the ability to match the clock frequency (using Rb Oscillator, not just OCX crystal) to the upsampling frequency (44.1, 88.2, 176.x, 192, etc....) that the G-0s, G-0Rb and G-01 offer however for the almost $19K delta in retail price I've learned to live without it and have been quite happy with the 22.xx Mhz MCK signal emitted from the D-02 I've used for a while now. I will definitely target the SRS offering or similar 10Mhz atomic master though for the future.....thank you!!!