Atoll amplification?

Who has any experience with Atoll gears. The French company starts gaining its reputation in north american.
The Atoll line is very competitive for for the price/quality ratio... I did not auditionned their amp nor preamp but I did audition the CD100 (around $700). Beleive me, for the price, you would be hard pressed finding a CD player that comes close to it... My local dealer which caries a bunch of other brands in the Atoll price range. The owner told me that he doesn't carry anything close to it (both amplification and digital source).

If you want, I have an article (review from a canadian magazine) on the Atoll product line. I can email it if you are interested...

Hope it helps...

I have heard the Atoll integrateds In80 and In100. They are lively, dynamic and somewhat analytical amps. When compared with NAD I found them to present music with more detail and finesse. Before I decided on the YBA Integre I had one in house for a while. My only complaint was that the amp could sound a bit agressive in the upper registers. They certainly have good power and reasonable bass for their price range. I also compared the IN 80 directly with the Rega Mira. The IN 80 is definately more dynamic but the Mira had a better defined soundstage, the Atoll can sound a bit up front.

The CD 100 is IMO a first rate CD player, lots of detail, dynamic and bass.

Both the In80 and the In100 have won the Diapason D'Or award, so has the Rega Mira on numerous occaissions. In the price range I felt they were some of the most detailed and lively amps that I got to listen to in a list that included Creek, Musical Fidelity, Classe, Nad and Rega. In the end however I wound up spending a bit more and got the YBA Integre which, while not as powerful, to my ears comes much closer to sonic nirvana. They are definately worth a listen.

For a full review that IMO hits the nail on the head try this: