Atmos In-ceiling speakers

I have an Egglestonworks 7.1 theater with McIntosh amplification. I am thinking about adding 4 in-ceiling speakers to my dedicated home theater. Because the ceiling is vaulted, I need the in-ceiling speaker's tweeter (and possibly midrange) driver to be aimable. They also need to have a fairly broad dispersion pattern, which is an object audio requirement. On-wall speakers look too imposing so it's not really an option.

The Eggleston speakers use Esotar tweeters so it will be not be easy to find ceiling speakers with the similar tone, timbre, layered/large sound stage, and smooth detail sound with no brightness. The best I found so far would be the Speakercraft Aim 8 series 2 speakers, with possibly the silk dome 4 tweeter array (vs the aluminum/magnesium tweeter version). Both the tweeter and midrange driver are aimable. Will the EW speakers outclass these by such a large margin that it will be distracting?

Another option would be the Monitor Audio in-ceiling with the aimable tweeter/midrange, but I feel the C-cam gold tweeter will be too bright compared to the EW's esotar.

One more option would be the in-ceilings from Golden Ear.
Tannoy and Kef make similar speakers, but unfortunately the drivers are not aimable.

Are there other speakers out there that I missed? Are there other Atmos in-ceiling speakers coming soon by higher end manufacturers?

Thoughts and opinions on the above speakers or others are appreciated.
There will definitely be atmos demo rooms at CEDIA middle of September in Dallas I believe. Atmos is just getting traction. See what is gping to be featured as this develops. Bide your time and check out JAMES LOUDSPEAKERS as another current option. I would suggest you do your homework regarding the atmos philosophy. Speak with custom installers who have hands on experience .