Atmos Height Speaker Height...How High?

My ceiling is 22 feet high. I’ve read that the ideal height of an Atmos height speaker is 8-10 feet.
Is there any benefit to go to 15 or 20 feet high for the height speakers?
I'm upgrading to a processor with Atmos soon.
This is my room:
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So you going to use the IRS setup for HT? Upgrade? How is it you're upgrading, I don't understand? You want to ADD Atmos, it is NOT an upgrade, in stereo sound by any means. Kinda the opposite, to tell the truth.

The 22 foot ceiling, and just about everything else, Atmos will try to correct, one way or the other... Just the nature of the beast...

I currently have a 7.1 home theater setup.
I’d like to add four height channels to take advantage of the new Atmos codec.

My 2 channel system is totally separate from my home theater.

The distance will need to be addressed via your choice of height speakers, processor capabilities, and amplification power, but I don't see why the height should completely rule it out given you have a large room. Especially as it seems like you sit a similar distance from your main speakers.
Ah, I got it. You want to go from. 7.1 TO 7.1.4? I think that is correct.
Again, Atmos will correct anything. How it sounds when it's done, that's up to you. You can still fiddle with it afterwards. Might want to look at a little more bump in the middle, 7.2 or 4.4.

Yea that IRS system with active servo, is not gonna work right with an Atmos system.. I wouldn't want to try.. They are pretty nifty, I love columns, anyways. I've heard the IRS V also, after the crossovers were rebuilt.  That was a night and day thing for sure. I've heard at least 4 of the IRS Beta. I keep going to listen, to them, (they are for sale), but I can't seem to pull the trigger.

I heard a trinuarl, system with 4 servo bass columns, and 3 IRS Beta monitors. Completely analog. The outside monitors, rear sections were fitted with 3" thick very dense foam, top to bottom, the center was a wide open dipole. I liked that system.. 50,000.00 at the time WITH ampzilla power amps. One of the best at the time I'd ever heard. 1999 - 2003,
It wasn't Huge, HUGE, either, I could move all their columns, pretty easy..

I still have a pair of RS2B, 4Bs, two pairs of  .5 and 1. Infinitesimals (killer top surround speakers for sure).  Great little stand mount/bookshelf speakers. They are actually made to ceiling mount, come with mounting hardware. Early Infinity was HARD to beat... Still is for the money in my book.