Atmasphere mp1 mk3.3 with phono

Looking for feedback on any members who did do the upgrades on this preamp.  Looking to improve the Phono stage and linestage, whether an upgrade on resistors would be the best for this preamp.   
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I have an MP-1 with all upgrades except Caddock resistors, which tubes are you running not NOS? Just out of curiosity?

according to the manufacture they stated JJ for the preamp section (6sn7) and for the phono section they recommend the Shugan from China.  Anyone with accurate info.  let me know? 
Spoke with Ralph, he wants $2400 for both the preamp section and phono with caddock upgrades.  I think that just too steep for Caddock resistors!  
It's not too steep when you consider those resistors are not your run of the mill Caddock. They are manufactured to Ralph's specifications for optimal performance in the preamplifier. Fiven what people pay for an MP-1 to begin with what's another $2400.
Thank you, I know Ralph doesn't recommend NOS for the 12AT7 phono sections and he uses Shuguang as the stock tube which BTW is excellent.Fort the preamp he supplies Shuguang brown base which are good, I have NOS Sylvanias 6SN7GTBs on mine and found it to be an apparent improvement. I mixed the stock tubes with 2x CV181-Z, Shuguang Black Treasures and did not like the results, on my previous MP-3 these same tubes were very good but the MP-3 needs only 2 and the MP-1 6 of these.