Atma-Sphere with which speaker cables?

Hello Everyone,
I am driving a pair of Dali Megaline speakers with a pair of MA-2's and a Krell. The MA-2's are presently driving the ribbons and the Krell drives the woofers. I am awaiting a pair of MA-1's which will replace the MA-2's on top and the MA-2's will be moved to the woofers.

I have been using a pair of Alpha-Core AG-2 and MI-2 cables which sound good. However, I now need to reconfigure the equipment area and will need to purchase longer speaker cables. I have read that Alpha-Core cables, at least in theory, do not work well with amps that have high output impedance, and one post seemed to be saying that anything over 1 ohm is high. The MA-2 has an output impedance of 1.75 ohms and the MA-1 has an output impedance of 2.3 ohms. The nominal impedance of the speakers is 6 ohms. I have heard, but have been unable to confirm that the impedance of the MI-2 cables is 2.5 ohms and I do not have any information about the AG-2 cables.

I am curious to know if the Alpha-Core cables do mate well electrically with the Atma-Sphere amps, and I would also like to hear which speaker cables other Atma-Sphere owners are using. I would rather not spend a fortune on cables at the moment, but I look forward to hearing suggestions for both reasonably and not so resonably priced speaker cables. Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.

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In conversation with Ralph at Atma-sphere he stated that he is using Mogami Neglex cables. I suggest you call Ralph and get his ideas for your situation.

I use JPS Labs Superconductor with M-60 II.3's and find them stunning through the entire dynamic range. My runs however are only 8 feet.
Hello Entrope,
Thanks for the response. Actually my cables will only need to be 8 feet in length. The Alpha-Core's I am using currently are 4 feet long, and as I mentioned sound good with the Atma-Spheres. However, I do not want to invest in longer Alpha-Cores if they do not match well with the amps electrically. My thinking is that I may have gotten away with a mismatch since they are only 4 feet long, but that increasing the length to 8 feet might make any mismatch apparent sonically. I appreciate hearing about your specific experience and satisfaction with JPS Labs Superconductors.
Hi Dennis,
Boy I wish I had your problems. I'm also using the MA-2's with Soundlab A-1's. I found the Magnan speaker cable to work quite well with this combo. I personaly didn't care for the Alpha Core in my system. Good luck.
I switched to Omega Mikro Planar V active cables from the Alpha-Core AG-3 cables with my MA-2s and Eidolons. Huge improvement with the Omega Mikro, highly recommended.
I'm using Shunyata Andromeda Helix between MA-1 mkIIIs and Audio Physics speakers.
Mogami Neglex interconnects between MP-1 and MP-2 sound as good as PAD Dominus (amazing, but true), whereas the Speaker cable tests between MA-2s and Kharmas 3.2s revealed only one clear winner: PAD Dominus.
Though I've never tried the combination, I would think the Alpha Gore Goertz would compliment the Atmas well.

In my experience, cabling is one area that can definitely accentuating their positives of the Atma Sphere amplifiers, while mitigate the deficiencies. I have found cabling, in fact, to be more critical with Atmas than most amplifiers. Briefly, I think the Atmas are great in terms of bass extension, but can tend towards leanness in the mid/upper bass region, which can give things a sound colder and more clinical sounding than I prefer. The amps are very open, detailed, and fast sounding. But, on the other side, can sound tipped up or harsh.

After trying different things out, I find a cable which takes all of this into account gives me the most satisfaction. I've searched for cables on the warm and romantic side. JPS (great mid/upper bass and easier to take in the presence region) and Coincident (nice, warm sound) suit the bill well to my ear. But, again, I think the Alpha Core would be worth your consideration.
I tried the Goertz Alpha Core with the AS and they are very good. Very fast, dynamic with excellent bass. The Dominus is just more lush and rich in the upper mid-range and the backgrounds are blacker.
The choice is very simple. The Atma-Sphere are right from sound. When you don't like what you hear, it is not the amp.
I use XLO Sign. for lots of years with them. It's ok.

Which Atma-Sphere amps do you have? I just purchased a pair of used Hurricanes.

I also have the Canary CA-903 4-chassis linestage, Audio Aero Prima (new 2006 version) and Coincident Super Eclipse III speakers.

I'd like to get your opinion, or anyone else for that matter, regarding a suitable IC and speaker cable.

Hello, Mark.

I have the M60 MK2.III. This is my third, and best pair of M60s.

I also have a pair of Coincident loudspeakers - the Digital Master, with matching Troubass subwoofers. Have used them together with my Atmas a great deal.

Basically, my thoughts are as I said above. In my opinion, with this combination, one must be careful so as not to spotlight the weaknesses of the amplifier, which can really impact the presentation negatively. The key is to try to allow the speed, openness, and extension to come through, without putting forth harshness and lack of soul.

Running into the Atmas with a balanced IC is always a good move, as it pays benefits in the distortion/noise floor areas. I don't always do so, but please allow me to suggest that once you find your flavor in cabling, even if your preamp is single ended, have the cable constructed with a pair of XLRs on the end that goes into the amps. I have two cables with RCAs on one end, and XLRs on the other, and they always reinforce in me that this is the right way to go with these amps, even if they are not my favorite sounding cables overall.

I've found that more romantic cabling and driver tubes to work best for me, in that they flesh out the mid/upper bass which imparts the warmth I require. But, with some of these cables, such as the JPS, you do lose ultimate bass (and a good bit of treble) extension and impact at the very, very bottom, which is surely a tradeoff. Coincident's own cabling mates very well with the Atmas, yet the CST and TRS give radically different portrayals. I find the Coincident cable can sound too slow and lush with many other combinations, which kind of makes me wonder if they still aren't Israel's reference amplifier, and the cabling is possibly designed to form a synergistic match between the amp and speaker. TRS is flat out the weirdest cable I have EVER encountered in the audio hobby. When it works, as it often does in this combination, I find it works spectacularly. And, when it doesn't fit into a system, I find it fails just as spectacularly.

Based on what some people I really trust have done, I'd like to try the Alpha Core and the Purist Audio also.
I'm a little late to this thread, but I having great results runing older MA-1's with Cerious Technologies liquid speaker cables, and XLR to feed the MA1's as well. I have not really compared to other cables, and I am running the Cerious T00/bass speakers, so obviously YMMV. I am am about to try some Zero autoorformers in the system, since the speaker is 4 ohms.
My MA-2 Mk3's seem to like the Jena Labs cables I am using.
I've been using Alpha Core Goertz Silver cables with my Atma-sphere amps for several years with no complaints. Yes, the Alpha Core cables are relatively high in capacitance, compared to some others, but this will not at all negatively affect the performance of the amps. The amps are completely stable into the load presented by Alpha Core Cables, and the amount of capacitance involved will not attenuate HF response. (SS amps will often go bonkers when used with Alpha Core, but not tube amps.) You wrote something about "impedance". This is actually a virtue of the Alpha Core cables, as they tend to have a very low "characteristic impedance" (4 to 8 ohms) compared to other commercial products (which can be as high as 100 ohms, e.g., Nordost products). Characteristic impedance is defined by the square root of the inductance divided by capacitance; thus it is independent of the length of the cable you are using. I tried my Atma amps with Nordost cable (see above) and the results made my ears bleed. I returned the Nordost shortly thereafter. Other cables with low characteristic impedance that might work well with Atma are Transparent and MIT.

I have heard, but have been unable to confirm that the impedance of the MI-2 cables is 2.5 ohms

Yes, the characteristic impedance of the MI2 is 2.5 Ohms. Inductance is 6 nanoHenrys/ft, capacitance 0.95 nanoFarads/ft.

If you enjoy the Alpha-Core sound as I did then I would recommend a like upgrade to Silversmith cables. These are also silver ribbon cables but with more refinement,transparency,smoothness,naturalness than the A-C. They are however much more expensive.