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As some of you know I have had a few pieces of equipment updated by the Atma-Sphere Crew. I picked them up on the used market. Otherwise, I’d never be able to afford such quality gear.  First would like to say I have never seen a company in which it’s employees take so much pride in their work.  Hats off to Ralph and everyone at Atma-Sphere. Best CS I’ve ever had with any company. And I do mean ever...
   Secondly I have had a pair of M60’s 3.0, and a pair of MA-1’s 3.1 updated to 3.3 versions. Also had Adam Hot Rod my UV-1 to the Hottest UV-1 ever built. A couple friends had MP-3’s updated to 3.3 status also. In each case of the Amps and MP-3’s they came back like a completely different piece of gear.  The updates  are such a difference it’s hard to believe it’s the same piece I dropped off.  The UV-1 was a big difference but not as dramatic. But it is a very simple bare bones circuit.  I would strongly suggest if anyone hasn’t updated to the current model 3.3 you really should. You will not be disappointed in anyway. Especially on the Amps, incredible. Also Ralph gives you a brand new 3 year warranty when you update. Pretty hard to beat that. It’s like having a new system. 
  Simply put the 3.3 update is incredible. Everything sonically is improved. Which makes for a dramatic presentation upgrade. Ralph took great pieces of gear and made them incredibly better. His 3.3 update was the biggest advancement I think he’s had in my opinion.  My MA-1’s will be my forever amps. Now I dream of owning an MP-3. 

Atma-sphere fanboy I am self admitted.... lol
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It's been a long time since I posted anything on Audiogon but now feel a need to chime in.  FWIW, I've owned an S30 amp since 2001and an MP3 preamp since 2002.

Zipost; I've had no problem using a Koetsu Jade (0.2 mv) with the MP3.  Plenty of gain and no noise issues and that's with NOS tubes in the phono stage.  The MP1, I believe, has even more gain in the phono stage than the MP3 so it sounds like something is amiss. Why not give Ralph a call and get things straightened out so you can enjoy your MP1 for what it is; one of the best preamps in all of audio.

Jtgofish; I've been reading Ralph's posts forever a decade and I have never seen what you allude to.  In my personal dealings with him he has always courteous and patient and offers exceptional customer service.  I find it disturbing that when asked to provide a single example none is forthcoming.