I have a Atma Sphere UV-1 without the Moving Magnet pre-amp section......I need a schematic so I can complete this project.....I don't mind paying a fair price for this schematic.......Let me know    Will
I think you are out of line asking for Atma's intellectual property and R&D laid out for you .   That would be like me asking C-J to send me all the values and part numbers to populate the board and make it a Classic preamp with phono.  I can send it to them and they will happily upgrade it , for about the price difference between line stage only  and one with phono.    

I repair medical equipment,  often times we can't get board level schematics or B.O.M. , often times part numbers are obliterated or painted over.....want it fixed?  It goes back to the manufacturer.   That is their "property" and revenue stream.  

Also lame of you to air this on a forum that Ralph frequents and contributes to.....
All this to save $500?
Old post but I couldn't help but chip in. Perhaps OP should stick to reparing TV instead of audio stuffs. Comparing TV with audio stuffs is a very biased view. Are you saying Ralph sells more of his audio stuffs vs any brand of TV worldwide? 

The more I read this post, I feel like OP is just acting like a crying baby. Daddy can not buy you that candy and all you can do is rolling over the floor, smashing all your other toys.
I feel autospec offers a reasonable product, with his Dynaco 70 rebuilds, although, I would not buy one myself. As someone mentioned above, autospec is a big crybaby, as, if he does not get what he wants, he goes public with his bantering, and tries to bring somebody down, in the interim. Very unprofessional. Likely, he was a very spoiled child, and, still is. I am sorry for this post, but needed to say it. Enjoy ! MrD.
It could be, assuming autspecs competence and knowing Ralphs, that these 2 speak different technical dialects. I will say that sometimes Ralph wants to answer a question with a how and why response. Explaining and justifying his design choices to others which is very common among designers who are proud of their children, Most likely some breakdown in communication with a slight over reaction due to frustration on the part of autospec.