Atma-Sphere Owners, MP-3 Upgrade

So I finally got around to doing the Caddock Resistor Upgrade in my MP-3. I was surprised how everything was just that much better. The Transparency and Soundstage was a decent gain. The sparkle and twinkle of certain instruments was a definite improvement. The Drums was noticeably better. And pianos, sax, and strings were better. Funny thing I didn’t believe in my system I could improve upon things a great deal. Even though each thing was better. And not a huge step forward in each. But when you put it all together. All these little subtleties. All the nicely add details. The presentation. The added depth.... All adds up to a really really nice upgrade. Caddocks are well worth it. I’ve got almost 50 listening hours on them now... I wished I had done this long ago. If you have Atma-Sphere gear. I’d seriously consider the caddocks.  I’ve incrementally upgraded UV-1, m60’s, MA-1’s and now my MP-3. Each up grade has added value beyond cost. 
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I have talked to Ralph on this subject a lot. I have had M60’s upgraded, MA-1’s upgraded and now MP-3. Ralph has never said to me that the Caddocks aren’t worth it. If that was the case I doubt he’d sell them. What he has said.... Is that there are better upgrades to do first. Bigger bang for the buck. The caddocks are just that. A finishing touch. And believe me they are worth it. I have them in my Amps. MA-1’s along with all the other upgrades. And now the MP-3. Almost every Upgrade I’ve had done, I did in steps. Months to a year between each. That’s the luxury of living 20 minutes from his shop. No shipping. So yes I am quest aware of what improvements have been made sonically with each upgrade. Nothing else has changed in my system. And my system is for listening to and not looks. I average 2 hours a night M-F. 10-12 hours Saturday and Sundays with the covid stuff.  But it’s really for everyone to make a choice. Is it worth it or not. My last upgrade will be the Caddocks added to my Volume control. Now that gets pricey. I’ll report back when I eventually get that done. Probably in the spring. 
I didn’t notice as significant difference when I did them to my amps. But the preamp, I thought it was significant.
@gdnrbob, the S-30 was purchased used and had the Caddock resistor upgrade already, so was not able to compare.
Yup when I bought my MP3 dealer talked to Ralph who said resistor package really not worth the $$$.
To be clear on this, what I tell people when they ask is as @pstores described- this is one of our more expensive options and offers the least 'bang for the buck'. But if you are going for the nth degree in resolution then they should be considered. @clio09 is also correct- Caddock makes these custom for us.

Being an audiophile in the old days I would change out all sorts of parts in the quest for better sound. That is why we have the options. We've found over the years that if people try to make part changes in our gear, more often than not the equipment winds up being a mess inside- often too with compromised performance. So if you're wanting to push things as far as they can be taken, we've already auditioned the Caddock (and other) parts, we've checked their specs, we've tested them to see how they hold up. So we can build them in and keep things looking nice inside.