Atma-Sphere Owners, MP-3 Upgrade

So I finally got around to doing the Caddock Resistor Upgrade in my MP-3. I was surprised how everything was just that much better. The Transparency and Soundstage was a decent gain. The sparkle and twinkle of certain instruments was a definite improvement. The Drums was noticeably better. And pianos, sax, and strings were better. Funny thing I didn’t believe in my system I could improve upon things a great deal. Even though each thing was better. And not a huge step forward in each. But when you put it all together. All these little subtleties. All the nicely add details. The presentation. The added depth.... All adds up to a really really nice upgrade. Caddocks are well worth it. I’ve got almost 50 listening hours on them now... I wished I had done this long ago. If you have Atma-Sphere gear. I’d seriously consider the caddocks.  I’ve incrementally upgraded UV-1, m60’s, MA-1’s and now my MP-3. Each up grade has added value beyond cost. 
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The resistors are made to Ralph's specifications so they are not your off the shelf Caddock resistors. I think the price reflects that. I had them in my S-30, but my M-60s do not have them.
@clio09 , 
Did you notice any difference between the Caddock upgrade and stock- Assuming you upgraded.
I have talked to Ralph on this subject a lot. I have had M60’s upgraded, MA-1’s upgraded and now MP-3. Ralph has never said to me that the Caddocks aren’t worth it. If that was the case I doubt he’d sell them. What he has said.... Is that there are better upgrades to do first. Bigger bang for the buck. The caddocks are just that. A finishing touch. And believe me they are worth it. I have them in my Amps. MA-1’s along with all the other upgrades. And now the MP-3. Almost every Upgrade I’ve had done, I did in steps. Months to a year between each. That’s the luxury of living 20 minutes from his shop. No shipping. So yes I am quest aware of what improvements have been made sonically with each upgrade. Nothing else has changed in my system. And my system is for listening to and not looks. I average 2 hours a night M-F. 10-12 hours Saturday and Sundays with the covid stuff.  But it’s really for everyone to make a choice. Is it worth it or not. My last upgrade will be the Caddocks added to my Volume control. Now that gets pricey. I’ll report back when I eventually get that done. Probably in the spring. 
I didn’t notice as significant difference when I did them to my amps. But the preamp, I thought it was significant.
@gdnrbob, the S-30 was purchased used and had the Caddock resistor upgrade already, so was not able to compare.