Atma-sphere OTL S30 Amp with Green Mountain C3 sp

Opinions please... on Atma-sphere OTL S30 amp. With Green Mountain C3 Speakers.
Specifications: 7 om- 90db first order crossover.
thank you
Try asking Ralph Karsten's opinion at He might know better than anyone else, unless someone has that actual combination in usage. Sounds to me, however, that it may produce an excellant match. Happy Listening! P.S. I am using the M60 mark 2.2's, and have been very happy. When I did my auditioning, I noticed that the sound of the Atma-Sphere's was pretty much constant throughout all of their models, the only differences being in power output.
I can tell you two things:

1) Roy at GMA told me personally that he's used the S-30 on C3s with good results.

2) My 28W 845-SETs drive the C3s very well - the S-30 ought to be very similar, though I believe it's output impedance is somewhat higher.