Atma Sphere OR Quicksilver V4 or... Dynaco ST????

I wonder if someone could advice me about a purchase. I recently moved and went from maggies to a JM lab speaker of the smaller kind, and it does not sound warm enough with my Moscode 600 that I otherwise love. So here is a question that requires some of you that have gone through much more equipment than I have... yet. I am thinking of getting either the quicksilver V4's or a pair of Dynaco ST 70's or lastly a pair of Atma Sphere M60 MKII. the atma's and the quicksilver are priced similiarly , what to buy???
Thanks in advance!
The AtmaSphere is not warm. It is very open and detailed, but certainly NOT warm.
Don't the JM's have a 4 ohm impedance? If so, the Atma-spheres would not be a good match, as the Atma-spheres are OTL's and like to see a higher impedance. You could always use a Zero-former as an impedance matching device, though.
Right now, I would not buy any new product from Atma-Sphere. If you find it used, great. But I suggest you consider what you think of the new management running Atma-Sphere before making your decision.
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