Atma-Sphere MP1 Preamp MK.II vs BAT VK 51SE

Anyone experienced which is a better Pre, with
the Atma MA-1 Silver EA and was just wondering if the MP1 is the match or is there anything out there that out performs it.

any experience help would be appreciated
I haven't heard the BAT so can't make an experienced comparison, but can tell you that the MP-1 is a genuinely world-class preamp and that in my expereince there is a wonderful synergy between Atma-Sphere amps & preamps. Every time I've tried Atma-Sphere gear with roughly competitively priced other (high quality) equipment and compared it with an Atma-Sphere-only system, I've preferred the Atma-Sphere-only system. That's not to say there can't be exceptions, but moreso than other equipment I deal in I've found staying in the family to be worthwhile with Atma-Sphere.
I have an AS MA 2.2 and compared a ML Ref 32 all-time classic with the MP-1 MkII and the combination of the AS amp and preamp just blew the ML 32 away. The synergy is incredible between AS components. The sound was just more effortless, natural, with greater depth and transparency. The ML 32 is a master of detail, but with the AS preamp the sound was just more, well musical and engaging. Buy the MP-1.