Atma-Sphere MP-3

   First I’d like to thank you everyone on this forum. In my quest to upgrade my system to what I have today, many of you have been a great resource. And especially Ralph, Adam and the 2 Matt’s and Atma-sphere have made my quest possible. 
  I picked up an Atma-sphere MP-3 with the  VCap upgrade. now that I have lived with it for awhile,  It’s the piece my system needed for to bring full circle. The clarity, transparency, and details are nothing short of amazing. It really opened up the soundstage and you can feel the depth of the music. It’s really a very musical preamp.  I have done the upgrades to the 3.3 versions. And can say whether it was my Amplifiers or my preamplifier.  I will tell you. If your an Atma-Sphere owner and haven’t done the upgrade.  You really should. It a huge step up. Even from a 3.2 version to 3.3 it’s well worth it.  And if you are looking at ordering an Atma-Sphere amp or preamp. In my opinion Vcaps are well worth it. I’ve heard both with and without. Vcaps just make every  aspect  of the sonic quality much nicer.  
Thanks again to everyone. Over the last few years many of you helped  put together this system. 

Does your Mp-3 have the phono option? If so, what improvement have you noticed updating it from 3.2, to 3.3?
No it doesn’t have phono.... All digital here. Running Roon with a nuc and hard drive.