Atma-Sphere MP-1 mk3.3 phono stage thoughts

Anyone had the opportunity to compare the mk3.3 phono stage sonic improvements to comparable outboard phono preamps? Strongly considering an MP-1 mk3.3, but concerned the phono stage presentation will not be at least on par with our current Zesto Andros PS1. Chassis space is limited for our system, thus adding a two-chassis preamp would necessitate replacing the Andros w/ a strong internal phono stage. Our cart is a Dyn XV-1s (Scoutmaster Sig), so the mk3.3 should be fine for the load. For reference, the MP-1 would replace a Simaudio Moon P-5 of 12+ yrs. Amps are Merrill Veritas mono blocks. Thanks for your thoughts, everyone ~

I compared an Audio Research Phono  2SE with the mk3.2 and thought the 3.2 was clearly better. I have since updated to mk3.3 and its a significant improvement over the mk3.2. Think you would be very happy with it especially if you roll in some better 6sn7.