Atma-Sphere Mp-1 mk III

Can any one share their experience demoing or partnering the Atma-Sphere Mp-1 mk III with solid state amps? Thanks in advance.
I run an MP-1 MK III with Pass Labs XA-60.5.
The match is excellent. The preamp also worked extremely well with Belles 150A Reference amps. Frankly, I can't imagine any solid state amps that would not work extremely well with an MP-1 preamp.
run my MP1 mk3 full options with Pass XA30.5 as wel as MA1's.
great synergy with the little Pass.
The MP-1 Mk III here works very well with the Parasound Halo JC 1s and the Karan Acoustics KA S 450.
I really do enjoy the sound of the Mp-1 mkIII, but I have found with my Gamut M250's (even set to 23 dB gain-low setting)that the Atma pre is at significantly elevated volumes at the first or second notch on the pre volume control.....often too low on one notch and too loud on the next notch...this can be frustrating when you're searching for a comfortable volume for a recording. Also I find the Mp-1 mkIII to be more "hum laden" than the ARC Ref 3 or VTL 7.5 driving the Gamut M250's. That said, I love the sonic attributes of the MP-1..even more frustrating!

I should mention that the Gamuts are near dead silent, as SS amps go.

I would appreciate any suggestions to enhance compatibility, as I have exhausted my ideas.

Perhaps Ralph could lower the gain of your Atma MP-1 so it would better
match the Gamut amps. Admittedly, I also experienced larger volume jumps
than I would have preferred. My Lamm L2 Reference does a better job in this

I experienced absolutely no hum running my MP-1 balanced with the Pass
Labs XA-60.5.

Sometimes hum is caused by a bad tube, FWIW.
I agree with EssentialAudio on the pairing of MP-1 with JC-1, and I'm sure the MP-1 could be quite successfully paired with a very wide variety of amplifiers, preferably with true balanced inputs of course.

One way to reduce system gain is with interconnects that have a high series resistance. One of the cable manufacturers I'm a dealer for makes two models with high series resistance, and I have customers who have taken advantage of this feature in cases such as that described by Audiobrian.