Atma-Sphere MA60's with Proac Speakers

I'd like to know if anyone has tried this combination. I'm in the market for good tube monoblocks to match with my Studio 140s.any other insights/recommendations would be welcome. I've spent the last long while working on room and have got out about as much as I can with my gear.
Need more info on your room size, but it looks reasonable based on 91 dB, 8 ohm nominal/4 ohm min impedance. If you can find an impedance curve that would provide more information. FWIW, Merlin VSMs are 89 dB, 6 ohm impedance w very flat curve and they are a great match. For more info I'd check w Ralph Karsten at Atma-Sphere. He is one of the good guys in this business and will give you an honest answer.
I'd worry a bit about the dip to 4 ohms min impedance. But I also second the recommendation of checking with Ralph. It may be that buying the Speltz Zeros would be a good move with those speakers and the M60.
I don't know about those particular ProAcs, but the gentleman who sold me the S-30 I used to own (now owned by the poster right above me) used to drive either Response 2 or Response 2.5s with the little Atmas.

You may be fine with the m60s.
If the speaker has a 4 ohm dip at the crossover frequency I would have no worries. In this case we have have two woofers in parallel to create the 4 ohm impedance- that is not a dip. So a set of ZEROs is recommended as this is not an eight ohm nominal speaker, it is more like a 4 ohm nominal speaker.

Now my comments are based on what I have been able to find on the web, and I did not find an impedance curve. If the woofer region of the speaker's impedance curve is indeed 8 ohms then the ZEROs will not be needed.
Thanks for all the insights