Atma-sphere MA-1 mk 3 to 3.1 upgrade

I own a pair of these amps and was curious if I could get some feedback from anyone who sent their amps in for this upgrade and how beneficial it was. Thank you in advance.

Everyone who has upgraded is happy happy joy joy.

What holds you back?
I have an S30. Went from mk 2 to 3.1.
Definatly, worth it. Lower noise floor though I didn't think that the mk 2 was noisy. Better bass. More space between the performers.
Even my wife, who loves music and tolerates the hifi stuff noticed and was inpressed.
If you like the amp the uograde is a no brainer when time and funds allow.
Thank you for the response. The only thing holding me back is the possibility of being damaged in shipping. The upgrade cost is very economical.

Thank you again
Economical and effective!!
I had the update from the Mk.3 to Mk. 3.1 done to a pair of silver edition MA-1's. The noise floor was lower and the imaging was more precise, wider and deeper than the Mk. 3. It's cheap and very worthwhile.
What exactly was done in the upgrade?
Mk 3.1: More Than "Another Upgrade"
Jtimothya, I did the amp upgrade. What do you know of the 3.0 - 3.1 upgrade for the preamps - same thing? As important an upgrade? My 3.0 is of fairly recent vintage. Already have the power supply and VCap upgrades.
Got my MP-1 back from the 3.0 -> 3.1 plus TFTF -> CUTF VCap upgrade a few weeks ago, so still evaluating and will blog about it later this year. I'm not sure the caps have entirely formed but, to my ears at this point, these changes make for an upgrade more significant than the amps, which I agree is economical and effective!