Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk.3.1 Vs. Atma-Sph. MA-2 Mk.3.1

Hello to all and thanks in advance for looking at my post.

I am in the process of upgrading my soundsystem:
1-Speakers:Tannoy GRF 15'' Dual Concentric Gold in a refurbished and rewired cabinet. I've ahd these for the last 20 years and I finally have the room to enjoy them (about 900 sq.ft)
2-Oracle turntable with Linn Exos and Dynavector XV-1
3-YBA Diamond IC's, power cords and speaker cables
4-Mac Mini with Ayre QB-9 DAC running AIFF files
5-Atma-Sphere MP-1 Mk.3 w phono preamp

6-What amps should I choose between the MA-1 or the MA-2?

I currently own a YBA alpha 2 preamp and power amp. I have them on my system since 2003 and after looking at several posts on Audiogon, it seems OTL 's are the way to go with the Tannoys.
I have settled on Atma-Sphere for their quality build, their reputation and continued support of their products. Marketing and sales pitch aside, I can grab good deals on both the MA-1's and the MA-2's...The price difference is significant, but I feel the more power I can get, the better it is? I would appreciate your inputs on which one to choose if money was no object?
I'm gonna agree that there is NO need to go for the MA-2s. I don't know how big your room is (that would help us give you better advice) but I will tell you that when I had M-60s (wish I never sold them) they drove 89 dB, 6 ohm flat impedence Merlins to very very high levels in a 14' x 23' x 8' room. Your Tannoys are 3 db higher efficiency and the amps will make more power into an 8 ohm load. So unless your room is ENORMOUS, the M-60s should be more than adequate, IMO. But give Ralph a call or drop him an email; I would be very surprised if he does not have some experience w your speakers and he is as straight a shooter as there is.
Swampwalker, I think you did not notice, but in my first post I specified my room to be about 900 sq.ft.
I Like the extra power the MA-1 can give me if I need it, and I have a good deal from a local seller...Not something available to me at the moment on the M-60's...But I will give Ralph a call and also ask him about IC, PC and Speaker cables that would be a great combination with his artwork...On another forum I read regular quad shielded mic cables are good...?
Hi Donfibre.
The MA-1's offered at a good price locally seems like a no brainer to me, go for it before their gone.

RE: Bracing the cabinets:
The original Tannoy cabinetry made for the 15inch DC's were rather flimsy and will benefit from the some extra cross bracing and dampening inside the cabinet.
Adding some extra support will tighten up the bottom couple of octaves.

Hope this helps.
Donfibre- Sorry, did not see the room size. 900 sq ft is pretty big (nearly 3x my room). Given the availability of a local purchase, I agree w Ecclectique- MA-1 is a no-brainer. Don't want to speak for Ralph but I'm pretty sure will tell you that w a properly terminated XLR, the IC cable is not a constraint. Curious to hear what he says about PC and SC. Hope you can pull it all together; I am willing to bet that it would be awesome system.
Donfibre, have you gotten the amp? If so, what do you think?