Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk.3.1 Vs. Atma-Sph. MA-2 Mk.3.1

Hello to all and thanks in advance for looking at my post.

I am in the process of upgrading my soundsystem:
1-Speakers:Tannoy GRF 15'' Dual Concentric Gold in a refurbished and rewired cabinet. I've ahd these for the last 20 years and I finally have the room to enjoy them (about 900 sq.ft)
2-Oracle turntable with Linn Exos and Dynavector XV-1
3-YBA Diamond IC's, power cords and speaker cables
4-Mac Mini with Ayre QB-9 DAC running AIFF files
5-Atma-Sphere MP-1 Mk.3 w phono preamp

6-What amps should I choose between the MA-1 or the MA-2?

I currently own a YBA alpha 2 preamp and power amp. I have them on my system since 2003 and after looking at several posts on Audiogon, it seems OTL 's are the way to go with the Tannoys.
I have settled on Atma-Sphere for their quality build, their reputation and continued support of their products. Marketing and sales pitch aside, I can grab good deals on both the MA-1's and the MA-2's...The price difference is significant, but I feel the more power I can get, the better it is? I would appreciate your inputs on which one to choose if money was no object?
While I have never heard the 11 ohm Coincidents, I would imagine they would make for a very good match with any model Atma regardless of power.
This is great! Thanks for all your inputs...I have to talk to Ralph soon about this, but your comments are bringing me closer to the MA-1's...Other comments are very welcome and I will keep you informed of my decision and my experiences...
Don. A refurbished cabinet? Did you add any bracing?
I am not sure what you mean about bracing (my mother tongue is french). A carpenter friend and I took the originals that had a severely damaged finish, chipped corners and one missing grille frame and we proceeded to take them apart. But the gold monitors themselves were mint and no work needed to be done on them, only the cabinets. We then proceeded to rebuild or replace the damaged parts and refinish what we took the same time we put in new wiring in the cabinets while keeping all the original crossovers...They still look like vintage GRF's, but with a better finish and a more contemporary look with the grills on. It took us roughly a year and a half to do this in our spare time...yeah, I know, sounds pretty crazy...But they sounded so good I thought it was a good investment to improve their looks...
I`ve followed this post with interest as it addresses the common dilemma of how much power for a given speaker. I believe that Ecclectique has displayed generosity and much wisdom towards you. Given your speaker`s load characteristics his suggesting the m60 amp seems correct. The MA-1 would be overkill for that speaker. I do understand however many audiophiles crave for power when often they`re better off with a less powerful
amp that is usally simpler in design and complexity and will more often then not sound better.