Atma-sphere M60s. What preamps work well?

Just received Atma-sphere M60 MkII.2 monoblocks. Replacing Simaudio Moon W-5. They sound incredible using Sonic Frontiers Line 3 pre. Much more transparent and life-like as compared to Moon W-5, which I have always felt is a great amp! Is it worth it to pair the Atma-sphere amps with Atma-sphere pre? Also, I am using relatively inexpensive B&W CDM7SE speakers which sound great in this system. Any suggestions on other speakers that match well with Atma-sphere amps, or just stick with B&Ws and upgrade model?
Atma-Sphere amps and Atma-Sphere pre's are indeed an excellent match. You might consider the MP-3 with the new regulated power supply option (just recently available). Atma-Sphere amps do sound best when run in balanced mode.

The M-60's have a rather high output impedance, and so are best paired with speakers that don't dip below about 6 ohms (and not below 8 ohms would be even better). They generally work well with speakers that tend to be somewhat lean or overdamped in the bass department, which is more likely to be found among high-efficiency designs. They also work very well with original Quad 57's), despite that speaker's impedance dip at high frequencies (there's relatively little musical energy in the top octaves).

Speakers that should work well with M-60's models from include Coincident, Merlin, Omega, Classic Audio Reproductions, GedLee, Buggtussel, Cain & Cain, PHY, Lowther, Klipsch, Rethm, Avantgarde, and Pi Speakers. By no means is this list comprehensive; these are just the ones I have some familiarity with. Disclaimer - I peddle some of these speakers, as well as Atma-Sphere amps.

I own Atma-sphere MA1 amps (12-tube w/upgrades)--fantastic sounding amps (purchased on A-gon). Merlin VSM MM are my speakers of choice (an outstanding bargain!) and listen only to vinyl (Hagerman Trumpet phono pre--another great sounding piece).

I have used several lower cost preamps but am currently using the AES DJH Super Preamp (a Cary product). With NOS tubes this thing sounds terrific. Yes, I'd like a MP3 or especially a MP1, but that requires a little more cash that I can swing at this time. Maybe when my kids get out of college they will buy their old man a MP1!

The DJH is sometimes offered on A-gon or you can call Kevin at Upscale Audio (I purchased mine there).

Feel free to email me at for more info.

A friend of mine recently purchased an MP-3 to match with with MA-1 amps, and he says the combination is astoundingly good. I don't think he'd mind my quoting from his email to me, in which he said:

    "The combination of the ..., the Atma-Sphere MP-3 preamp, and the Atma-Sphere MA-1 MkII amps offers a degree of clarity and focus, neutrality, transparency, speed, resolution of detail, imaging, and dynamic range hitherto unknown to me. At the risk of lapsing into audiophile-review-speak, the delicacy of textures and timbres and overtones, the harmonic richness, is a wonder to behold."
I am using the M-60 Mk2.2's (recently upgraded) and would recommend going with an MP-3 preamp. Also use balanced interconnects between the two.

As for speakers, there is someone on Agon advertising a pair of Peak Consult InCognitos. I am also using these speakers, and can tell you that the synergy is spectacular! A relatively unknown speaker here in the USA (quality Danish built), and if more people knew about these speakers, they should have sold a long time ago. [Please note that I have no financial interest or association with the seller.]

The MP-1 is an absolute KILLER pre-amp, but it takes up a lot of real estate (2 boxes), and it uses many more tubes than the MP-3, making tube rolling a more difficult and expensive proposition.
Just a re-iteration of how good an MP-1 sounds with an AS amp - the synergy is incredible. I have the MA 2.2 and an MP-1 and don't ever see a change in the future - the MP-1's predecessor was no slouch either, a ML Ref 32, but the MP-1 works just so much better with the AS amps and everything is just more dynamic, musical and more real....