Atma-Sphere M60 Mk11.3 vs Audio Valve Baldur 70 W

Has Anyone experienced how these two valve amps measure up?
and what speakers match these amps best.
Your thoughts
You can't compare them, because they are t-o-t-a-l-l-y different from sound.
The Audio Valve is a very good valve amp and the Atma-Sphere is OTL, with the right speaker, has no "sound".
What type of loudspeakers do you like?
The AtmaSphee web site has some preferred speakers listed that pair well with their amps.
Thomas is right. AtmaSphere amps have a certain purity that I have not encountered in other amps.
If the Atma Sphere is a OTL, then would the Audio Valve be a SET amp ?.

Could you describe the difference between the two, I see that you own the Atma-Sphere. Maybe you can describ it for me.

I have heard the Baldur, the only valve amp I have audition so far.

To me it seemed to have good Bass, amazing detailed midrange, actually ,I had never heared anything like it, being SS. I seemed like it had very good PRAT.

appreciate your comments
i havent heard thh audio valve..

but the atma-sphere with the right speakers is "totally one of the most rightous" sounding amps bar non ( they also will do bass !!!!)

hope that helps,

Tube amps have their voltage stepped down at the output of the amp through an output transformer. The best of the best tube amps have very expensive custom output transformers to minimize any losses. The output transformer on many designs is the bottleneck in the system. If done properly, these designs can be quite wonderful.
An OTL or "Output TransformerLess" amp does not use such a device and steps down the voltage through a series of output tubes. The advantage is this avoids any possible coloration caused by a transformer. Possible disadvantages are speaker matching (they like constant loads) and heat (they run in Class A).
OTL's are unmatched with the exception of very few transformer coupled amps (which cost $$$$$).
Well, it is some time ago, I listened to Audio Valve Amps connected to Reference 3A speakers and I liked it. Good as they are, for me it is just a good tube amp. Probably they are better than most out there, I don't know.
But like most of these, they all have - more or less - the same handicap:

Speed ( no chance against good SS )
Clarity ( same, only a good midrange is not enough )
High frequency ability ( they lack details )

The Atma-Sphere, or it's Designer, solved that. I picked up a few linres from their web site ( customer comments ), because I think, it will show you the direction:

" Their reproduction of dynamics, high frequencies, timbre, timing, bass [and] control is amazing. These are easily the most fluid, grain-free tube amps I [have] ever heard. Super fast, clean and clear, natural and balanced for the whole spectrum; they are superb. I believe I had a mesmerized look in my face when I first listened to them. There is everything I hear from my Pass amps AND MORE. They give me every detail with lots of air, combined with brutal power in the bottom (without euphonic coloration), linked with stunning speed and transparency. In any case, the sound these amps produce is almost frighteningly real - clean, open, "air", wide soundstage, unbelievable detail - it's all there and then some. And: there are NO tube-related anomalies - just clean, accurate musical amplification. The real thrill is listening rock music with them, AC/DC, Deep Purple ....., these amps make you gonna dance."

Well, I did write that some time ago and I am still fascinated about them. They do a lot of things right.
That is a great analagoly of the Atma Sphere, I must say that all the items that you mention about PRAT / detail /bass, is very important to my musik listening. I will definately give these an audition.
I have not heard the Audio Valve.

I did have the Coincident 300b Mono Blocks. They are a very good SET. As good as they where, the M60's are (for my ears) incredible.

I have the amps paired with the Coincident Total Victory speaker. The speakers are expensive, but great.

One of the magazines paired the new Atma-Sphere M1 Silver Editions with the Coincident Partial Eclipse (which are one of their lowest priced speakers) and found the sound to be top notch.