Atma-Sphere, Dynaco ST 70

Had Ralph’s crew do alittle work on an old Dynaco ST70. All I can say is that it turned out wonderful.  Of course it’s not like my MA-1’s. But I will say this. It is a very very nice amplifier now. Quiet, clear, great resolution and soundstage. Nice detail in the highs. And big improvement in the lower regions. Soundstage is much better. Musicians are in place and not floating. Realism of vocals and instruments are vastly improved.  Best way to describe in short order. Is I got back an amplifier that has much better resolution, clarity, and huge improvement in accuracy in regards to vocals and instruments. Without loosing the warm lifelike tube sound. With little coloration,  if any. 

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Great. Reconditioned vintage tube amps with good iron are hard to beat. My two sets of monoblocs are vintage.