Atlas Mavros 75 ohm digital

Need some feedback on this cable. Thanks.
I am using a 1.5m long Atlas Mavros between a modified Oppo 93 (modified by EVS) used as media transport and a W4S Dac2.
It is a very well constructed SPDIF cable with great connectors and no use of solder.

It gives a very spacious sound, never fatiguing, and would say it projects a very open soundstage with black background.
Before ordering I contacted the manufacturer who responded very quickly to some questions I had. There was a review in a Greek high-end magazine here (translated link). I basically found true what their conclusion was. They compare various models.

Other coaxial ones I've tried are the Apogee Wyde-Eye, the DH-Labs75 ohm and an Acoustic Zen- MC^2 AES/EBU in my Theta gear.

I hope this helps,