Atlantic Technologies 9,000 system.....YUCH

I just heard a 9k set of AT home theatre speakers with double subs...etc.
They had a set of Lexicom amps with a very good proc. running the show.
Though the integration was seamless, the sound was totally dead and lifeless. The playing of a CD alomst made me hurl right there in the showroom. (I think these were the 450??'S)
Does anyone out there have the flagship model AT's?? If so, what do you drive them with?
I was expectomg to be knocked off my seat and I certainly how awful they sounded. I have heard so much about them.....say it isn't so..
Do they really stink that bad?
Wow, guess no one out there owns them, or was too insulted by my slightly abrasive post to comment.
I have asked this question on other forums and have had few results. Most folks that own these seem to be loyal to the death.
I just could not believe that the music presentation.
Is there anyone out there that has had good reults? If so, what do you drive them with?
I know with the following they have, there must be something to them.
I would like to re-audition them with some good equipment.
Any advice??
I own them and they suck for music. Over detailed and closed in. For home theater though they are pretty good, but are a bit fatiguing. They are not a music speaker. I still like Def Tech better all around. I got them for soo much off list that it made them pretty much worth it.