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where are the best places around the city to buy new & used CDs ?

Depending on what type of music you listen to, FYE can be a good place to try. No matter how beat up the jewel cases are, the CD's are always perfect.
to my experience in any city is local fleamarket
Criminal Records
Atlanta Record Show every two months. Next one is June 7th.
Unfortunately, a lot of the best used cd stores have closed over the past few years. Rwwear has good advice. Go to Little 5 Points, eat lunch at the Euclid Ave. Yacht club (excellent Brunswick stew) and walk to Wax'N'Fax and Criminal records. There are a couple of others in that same vicinity. Decatur Cds out by Emory is another decent shop. Fantasyland in Buckhead has been around for years and has an excellent bootleg selection. I mainly buy my cd's off of Ebay or from Amazon, but miss the serendipity of finding new music in the old record stores. Downloaded tunes will never be able to replicate that adventure.
Great advice Guys!

where does the Record Show take place- Rwwear?

I look forward to visiting the aforementioned shops around the city, minus, Amazon/eBay...laughing.

Feel free to mention your fave Hi-Fi shops as well.
I have knowledge of Audio Alternative, Sound I mage and The Audio Company- these operations are located in the NW and NE sections od ATL. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
At the Marriott Century Center I-85 and Claremont Rd exit 91. The next show is June 7th. and starts at 10:00 A.M. Admission is $3.00. There is an early admission for more $.
Many Thanks! Rwwear-

I have always heard (no pun) great things about that Atlanta record show. It has been around for quite some time now. I will try attend in June. Will there be many CD vendors? Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
There's usually quite a few CD vendors depending on the time of year and whether there are other shows going on. Also there's vinyl, DVD/Bluray, books and memorabilia.