ATI vs. Wyred

I'm looking for the upgrade and came up with either ATI 3002 or Wyred4sound ST500(or pair of SX500).
I realy loved the fact and praises for nowdays digital amps such as Wyred4sound, but the new price difference between mentioned above amps is almost 2x.
Used both models would run with much smaller price difference depretiationwise...
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ATI is a no frills power straight from the wall aplifier. They have strong bass and a brightish character about them. They look and sound a whole lot like Adcom.
They just bought B&K out. A much better amp in my opinion.

If you have effecient speakers like Klipsch, I would avoid them.

The Wyred, which I have been reading a lot about is supposed to have more refinement and full bodied sound.