ATI AT6007 amplifier hum

Long time reader and first time poster. I recently traded in my Pass Labs X600.8 amps to ATI AT6007 and AT528NC combo for my 9.1.4 setup. I have 3 dedicated 20A lines which I’ve used previously for the pass labs and now for the ATIs. I did not hear a hum from the pass labs but I’m now hearing a hum from the AT6007. I’m also using proper 20A power cables. There is no hum from the AT528NC. Please advise. Will I need a DC blocker or power conditioner?
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If the hum is coming directly from the power transformer in the amp itself then its caused by DC offset. Other current draws on the circuit can sometimes cause this, in which case you may be able to eliminate the hum by turning different things off until you find the offender. Otherwise its a fairly cheap fix, search for DC offset eliminator, or maybe someone will chime in with the answer.

It's coming from the transformer. I would like to buy a DC offset eliminator to try. I can not find one for 20amp circuit however. I can only find power conditioners that support 20amp but they are much more expensive.
Well you can always hunt around for one. However I seriously doubt that you really need it. 20 amps I mean.
If you get hum from more than one component/brand, there's every chance of finding a solution to the problem.  In your case, with the silent-running Pass, I'm not so sure that these bandaids (e.g. DC blocker) will make any difference.  There are lots of threads of this sort.  I myself have been through this wringer (and I ended up buying different amps).  I wish you luck and success but be prepared for no easy fix.
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