ATI amplifiers

Does anyone have experience with ATI amplifiers? Specs look good and price seems reasonable. 
Thank you 

I used to own their 1506, a 6 channel beast.  Sold it only because I ran into money issues, but often wish I still had it.  Did what it was supposed to do, never had a problem with it.  I would buy another ATI without hesitation.
I have the AT-1202 stereo amplifier. Very robust unit. My previous power amplifier was a McIntosh MC-2100. I bought the AT-1202 and then,later, sold the McIntosh.

The AT-1202 is minimum 120 RMS watts per channel. To my old ears, it sounded every bit the equal of the McIntosh. I wanted something newer. ATI amps come with a 7 year warranty and are built in the USA. I think they are under-rated by the audio community.
I've had my 1505 for 15 yrs or so and still sounds and runs great in my HT setup.
Thanks guys. They have a 300 watt beast for 4 grand. Looks tasty 
I have a 1502 which I like alot. I have had it for 6-7 years and it has been very reliable and a solid performer. I cycle it in and out of my rig along with a rebuilt Mac 250 and Marantz PM8500. I agree it is under-rated by audiophiles. 
Thanks joe
ATI is primarily a manufacturer, making amps for many well known companies. Their own line is also very good. They are mostly known for home theater rather than 2 channel. They generally have a pretty neutral sound. I have a 1806 which has worked flawlessly for me. Very good power and pretty neutral.